4 comments on “Raging at the world

  1. I often think about this, especially when I’m considering what to post next. My blog has two purposes: it’s a diary of sorts for me, where I keep a record of what books I read, movies I see, events I experience etc; plus it’s a mode of communicating my thoughts about these things with readers (friends in the main) who I don’t get to see all that often. I write with readers in mind, but on subjects that interest me.

    • And you get a lot of insight into people from personal blogs I think.
      So far I’m finding blogging to be a good outlet for a more personal type of writing, but isn’t it interesting deciding what kind of blog you’ll have? When I started to add the book reviews for the Aussie Author Challenge I realised I hadn’t intended to review at all, and had a wondered if that fitted here. But the only ‘rule’ I’ve set myself so far is to ‘never blog angry’!

  2. my main rule is to try to have a theme to a post, so that’s it’s not a ‘day in my life’.
    I have several blogs for different purposes, but my main one (forge and brew) covers most aspects of my life. I decided early on not to limit it to writing topics so as not to alienate my non writing fiends/readers. The blog consequently tends to reflect what’s consuming me at the time. Currently that’s Trailwalker.

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