4 comments on “Aussie Author Reading Challenge – 3

  1. I loved White Tiger, although agree with your summation. I’ve read the next two and they are more of the same. Could have made three books into one. There is suprisingly little development.
    Now I’m eying off the next in the series (set some years later) and am wondering whether I want to go on that journey . . .

    • I remembered you liked it and I have to say I was happily reading until it started to niggle at me that it should be approaching a climax or resolution and wasn’t. Then I nearly hurled it across the room when I got to the last page and realised that was where it ended!
      If you do go on that next stage of the journey with the series I hope you enjoy that too.

  2. I think your comments are spot on, both about this book in question and trilogies in general. Offering story arcs that are complete within each book under the overarching yarn is a strength of my favourite fantasy and SF writers — most recently Glenda Larke.

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