2 comments on “Overwrought: the way we like it?

  1. I used to tune in mostly to watch Tennant be entertaining, and for the occasional Moffat episode that would be super-creepy. Now I occasionally watch for Matt Smith to do something funny, and then get annoyed at the repetitive “puzzles” that keep being waved in my face. I feel the emotions have gotten progressively less subtle and nuanced with each incarnation; post-RTD Who has a lot less warmth to it.

    With Terra Nova, I kept waiting for them to do something interesting with it, but pretty much every chance they had to take it somewhere new, they just retrod old ground. Price of the lowest common denominator, I guess.

    While it’s not exactly sci-fi, Sherlock is excellent viewing.

    • I have a lot of respect for what they’ve done with Sherlock. Pity that they still couldn’t find a way to write women into it intelligently… for me it comes across as disappointingly sexist. I also think they introduced Moriarty too soon, but I guess we won’t know that for sure until it’s gone a bit further. Was refreshing to watch though.

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