4 comments on “Losing interest

  1. I’m sorry to hear it! I’ve not seen any of your subs for a while, what with being overseas and all, but from what I remember, maybe the problem is that you’ve been working on the same few projects for ages? Maybe brainstorming up a new idea, or setting aside an old one, might help – a change is as good as a holiday and all that, but with creative projects it really is easy to get bogged down and worn out by old stories. But maybe that’s not the case, in which case I’d suggest setting the wordage aside for a while and concentrating on discovering new stories and authors – rekindling the passion with narrative that makes you want to write your own. Either way, though, I’m sure you’ll figure out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ah yes, I have times when I think I’ll just be a full-time reader instead. Much more satisfying to indulge in everyone else’s brilliance! (Brilliance I can never hope to emulate…) But in my experience it’s a cyclic process, where the peaks are formed of passion and drive, and the troughs are just squashy. I empathise!

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