2 comments on “Favourite movies #6 – District 9

  1. I found the viciousness of it extremely confronting; in the first half hour or so, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep watching. But I think you need that – the near-overwhelming body horror breaks through the typical detachment we get when we watch ourselves be the bad guys. It sets you up for the rest of the movie.

    It’s not a movie I enjoyed watching, and it’s probably not one I’d ever watch again by choice, but it is a movie I really respect, both for what it tried to do, and because (in my opinion) it did it very well.

    • That’s interesting – I’d not really thought about the violence of it, but it is pretty full-on.
      ‘Respect’ is definitely a big part of my reaction to the movie, too. It did a lot of things you tend not to see in sci-fi anymore, and don’t often see in movies in general.

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