3 comments on “Mahjong

  1. A game I’ve always known and never got to actually know, read – I have never played it. I like your ambition. 🙂 My game goal this year is to reacquaint myself with the similarly artful game of backgammon. I have a beautiful set inlaid with silver that I got in Turkey. It needs an airing. Gong xi fa cai!

    • Happy Year of the Snake! 🙂
      Isn’t it interesting how the physical objects used for a game become a part of the enjoyment? My dream has always been to get a nice set of bone and bamboo tiles for Mahjong.
      I’ve never learnt backgammon but I’ve had it recommended to me many times as an excellent game.

      • Xie Xie (ta muchly!) What a wonderful dream. I can just hear those tiles singing…Consider this another hearty recommendation for backgammon. You may need the backdrop of the Black Sea and the scent of a hooka pipe to truly appreciate but I never found this to be a problem (insert writerly ingenuity). 🙂

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