2 comments on “Organising writing

  1. I agree, it is difficult to manage all those extra ideas and observations that you pick up as you go through your days. I have a bunch of notebooks and sketchbooks on the go, and a Manila envelope pinned to my wall with ‘random story ideas’ scrawled on the front. I throw all sorts of scraps and sketches in there. As for my novel, I have really enjoyed using Scrivener, as it allows me to keep all my setting notes and character sheets together in one file. It breaks up the chapters and scenes nicely too, and makes it easy for my to completely rewrite a scene and still keep the old one nearby. No opening extra program’s to find that discarded gem. It will also compile the whole manuscript when you are ready to send it off, or print and read as a hard copy. Well worth a look I think. (I am not in any way associated with the makers of said program, I just really like it).

    • I’m a Scrivener-er (?) too. Great piece of software.
      Unfortunately for me I also hand write so organising all of those bits is tricky. Can’t wait ’til you can download to Scrivener direct from your brain!!

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