2 comments on “Staring at the page

  1. This is occasionally a weekly occurrence for me. When it happens, I share the same thoughts and think them in a blog post form also, but often record them in my diary, which means I too have written…something. Jogging: an exercise I dislike and is wrecking my body, has proven to be the catalyst for positive creative thought. That is, ideas and solutions just flow when I’m pounding the pavement and trying not to collapse. I have solved a great many plot outline problems this way. Not sure if my feet agree. Might never be your thing. Just saying.

    • Mine used to be dancing until I injured my poor knee one too many times. So I can relate. You know it’s funny what you say about running… I know a few folk who’ve loved running but had to stop because their feet, ankles, knees or whatever just couldn’t do it. My suspicion is we just weren’t built to run on pavements in weird shoes!

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