WriMoFoFo Challenge 2019

The Write More For Four Challenge is about trying to get more words on the page than you normally do in a four-week period.

The  Current WriMoFoFo

Next challenge is on for 2019, starting 30th September.

How Does it Work?

You can set yourself whatever word-count goal you like, but a goal of 20,000 words (under 700 words a day) strikes the good balance of achievable and challenging for most people.  Those might be edited words or new words, and on just one or on many projects – completely up to you! Though I do recommend having an idea what you want to work on before the WriMoFoFo kicks off.

Edits and Word Counts

If you’re editing during the challenge, a way to simplify counting words is to take a chunk (e.g. 20,000 words) and treat that as your word count regardless of whether it ends up longer or shorter after the edits.

Most importantly, use a method that works for you.

Announcing your progress to the world!

If you’d like to make a public statement of the % of your goal completed each week, then feel free to post them using the Comments on this page, or on Instagram #WriMoFoFo.

Good Luck and Keep Writing!

8 comments on “WriMoFoFo Challenge 2019

  1. Well, the FoFo is coming to a close (4 days left!) and I know a few people didn’t end up getting started (those pesky day jobs!!), but a few others have been working away quietly.

    I’ve been going pretty well. Got a bit behind in week 3, but I’m on track for week 4 and so should finish the challenge in good shape! Very pleased.

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